Lady Thrace, CAB***, OAB, MAB
Lady Thrace
Fore- and Surnames Thrace Omelko ("Anikka Albrite" and a variety of spellings thereof)
Rank Baronetess (jure uxoris)
County Kinsey
Partner(s) In addition to her natural husband, Sir Michael: HG The Duke in Paphos, Lord Nixon, Lord Castle, Sir Daniel, Sir Michael, Bf Akbar and F/M Chan

Lady Thrace, CAB***, OAB, MAB is a baronetess suo jure and a free concubine.

Full Title

Thrace Omelko, 1st Baronetess Allen in the Barony of Venture in the County of Kinsey; Commander (with three stars), Officer and Member of the Most Excellent Order of Anne Boleyn.


HG The Duke in Paphos w Lady Thrace

Lord Nixon w Lady Thrace

Lord Castle w Alaytin Chartier & Lady Thrace

Sir Daniel w Alaytin Chartier & Lady Thrace

Sir Michael w Lady Thrace & Morgan Gonia

Sir Michael w Lady Thrace

Bf Akbar w Teddi Rae, CD & Lady Thrace, CAB***

F/M Chan w Ciara Sarver, CD & Lady Thrace, CAB***

Distinguishing Data

Category Value
Surname Allen
Given Names Thrace Ardith
Nationality American
Date of Birth 07 Aug 1988
Place of Birth Denver, Colorado
Eye Colour Blue
Height 5 feet 6 inches

Lady Thrace with Sir Michael

Other Data

Natural Marriage

Lady Thrace entered into a natural marriage with a Michael Omelko (known in the Duchy as Sir Michael), better known as Mick Blue, in March 2014.


16. Lady Thrace stated in an interview:

Interviewer: Last year when we talked, we talked about how you grew up but I didn’t ask you a question, when did you lose your virginity?

Lady Thrace: I was 16 and a half. I remember the half because I didn’t want to admit I was 16. It made me seem a little bit older and more mature.
Interviewer: Is there a good story behind it?
Lady Thrace: I had an orgasm the first time! I didn’t even know what my clitoris was or how to use it so it was a full-on vaginal orgasm. It was in the back of an Aerostar van. My boyfriend at the time drove his mom's van and I snuck out of the house in the middle of the night. It was something we had talked about for a long time. He kept asking, "Are you sure you want to do this?" And I said, "Yes, I’m ready!" We went and got condoms and we parked in some residential neighborhood. And I didn’t want him to go all the way in for the same reason because I felt if he went all the way in, then I had completed the full act of intercourse. So even afterwards for a couple of weeks, I told my friends that it was only half-sex, that I was still partially a virgin. I remember I came so hard that it was like an out-of-body experience. I felt like I was actually floating above my body. There was no mess or anything. I technically devirginized myself years before with the top of a shampoo bottle. I was bleeding for a day or so after that. Sorry if that’s too much information!
Interviewer: So once you had sex, did you become promiscuous? Or was it just with that one guy for a while?
Lady Thrace: I was promiscuous with him. I was addicted. The minute I had a penis inside me, I wanted it all the time, every night. I finally let him go all the way inside me after a couple of weeks. I was tired of doing the half-sex thing and wanted the whole thing. He was my first real boyfriend, I was actually engaged to him years later. It was a great core relationship. We would have sex all the time. I remember one time we ran out of condoms, so I suggested we use a sandwich bag and that worked! So, yes, I was pretty much addicted after that first time. There was no keeping me from doing that.

Preceded by
New Creation
Baronet Allen
23 Dec T3 - Present
Succeeded by

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