There follows a table of ranks for the Duchy of Paphos. For further details on the ranks of various titles, and on the correct styles and forms, see The Table of Ranks.

Ducal Guard Feudal: Male Feudal: Female, Type A Feudal: Female, Type B
Conscript Villein Villeiness CD
Private Ploughman Ploughman's Girl Courtesan
Lance-Corporal Journeyman No equivalent No equivalent
Corporal Foreman Foreman's Girl Vice-Madam
Lance-Sergeant Master Craftsman No equivalent No equivalent
Sergeant Bailiff Bailiff's Girl Madam
Warrant Officer Grand Master Craftsman No equivalent No equivalent
Second Lieutenant Goodman Goodman's Wife No equivalent
Lieutenant Husbandman Housekeeper No equivalent
Captain Yeoman Yeoman's Wife/Member of a Chevalric Order Member of a Chevalric Order
Major Steward Stewardess No equivalent
Lieutenant Colonel Vice-Master Vice-Mistress/Officer of a Chivalric Order Officer of a Chivalric Order
Colonel Master Mistress/Commander of a Chivalric Order Commander of a Chivalric Order
Brigadier Knight/Baronet Knight's Wife/Dame Commander or Dame Grand Cross of a Chevalric Order/Baronetess Dame Commander or Dame Grand Cross of a Chevalric Order/Baronetess (suo jure)
Major-General Baron/Viscount Baroness/Viscountess Viscountess (suo jure)
Lieutenant-General Earl/Marquess Countess/Marchioness Marchioness (suo jure)
General Duke Duchess No equivalent

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