Lady Gunn, Vtss, CJS*, OJS
My Lady
Fore- and Surnames Stephine Ehninger-Gunn ("Jassie", "Jassie James")
Rank Viscountess
County Kinsey
Husband Lord Gunn
Children Unknown
Lady Gunn, Viscountess, CJS*, OJS is the principal wife of Lord Gunn, who made an important appearance in the Barony of Harmon.

Full Title Edit

Stephine Ehninger-Gunn, Viscountess Gunn in the County of Kinsey, Commander (with one star) and Officer of the Most Noble Order of Jane Seymour.

Canonical Appearance Edit

I18 (Lord Gunn w Lady Gunn, Vtss)

Distinguishing Data Edit

Category Value
Surname Ehninger
Given Names Stephine* Aileen
Nationality American
Date of Birth 05 Sep 1982
Place of Birth Las Vegas, Nevada
Eye Colour Brown
Height 5 feet 7 inches

*Other sources give "Stephnie".

Other Data Edit

Tattoos Edit

Band around her left ankle; band around her right upper arm; paw prints on the outside of her right ankle.

Dépucelée Edit

15. Lady Gunn describes the experience in the first few minutes of I18.

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