The Manor of Nelson is the first of the three manors which make up the Barony of Membrila. Because it is so large, the manor is split into four plantings.

Master Edit


First GID

Master Nelson

Steward Edit

HG The Duke

Households Edit

Name Husbandman Housekeeper Other Girls
II23 Master Nelson Ashlee Stidham Diana Ayyoub
II24 Master Nelson Vice-Mistress Nelson Courtney Roskop
II25 Master Nelson Mistress Nelson Lady Macomber
II26 Vice Skinner Allison Banks Marissa Guevara
II27 Vice Skinner Veronica Rodriguez Mandy Haze
II28 Vice Skinner Missi Daniels Vice-Mistress Skinner
II29 Vice Skinner Vice-Mistress Skinner Paige Smith

2nd Planting Edit


Second GID

Yeoman Edit

Lord Castle

Households Edit

Name Husbandman Housekeeper Other Girls
II01 Up Up-And-Away Elizabeth Carrasco Elena McGee
II02 Lord Castle Lady Castle, Btss Stephanie Fone
II03 203 Victoria Black Sheila Eberhart

3rd Planting Edit


Third GID

Yeoman Edit

Vice Corvus

Households Edit

Name Husbandman Housekeeper Other Girls
II04 Vice Corvus Vice-Mistress Corvus Alyssa Nichols
II05 205 Ashley Herbert Ashley Lankford
II06 206 Chelsey Atwood Ashley Barr
II07 207 Benedetta Hamzai Rachel Swimmer

4th Planting Edit

Yeoman Edit

Vice Lucas

Households Edit

Name Husbandman Houskeeper Other Girls
II08 Vice Ashley Vice-Mistress Ashley Michelle Remy
II09 Mark Jones Susan Palleson Dozic Zrinka
II10 Mark Jones Jessica Velasco Nicole Rodriquez
II11 Vice Lucas Gia Steele Khloe Kush
II12 Vice Lucas Dominique Bravoco Jamie Vinion
II13 Vice Lucas Vice-Mistress Lucas Krysta Sims
II14 HG The Duke in Paphos Lady Venture, Ctss Lady Venture, Vtss
II15 HG The Duke in Paphos Lady Venture, Mqss Michelle Quintana
II16 HG The Duke in Paphos Alaytin Chartier Stephani Moretti
II17 Vice Rider Vice-Mistress Rider Diana Ayyoub
II18 Vice Rider Miranda Weisensel Clorisa Briggs
II19 Vice Rider Sasha Davis Rachel Swimmer
II20 Vice Pack Mary Ensor Blaklee Maddox
II21 Vice Pack Sara Velez Miranda Weisensel
II22 Vice Pack Vice-Mistress Pack Carly Friedman

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