Melissa Bertsch, OJS, Silver(2)
Fore- and Surnames Melissa Bertsch ("Melissa Ashley" "Anne Howe")
Rank Housekeeper
County Kinsey
Partner(s) Lord Harmon
Mistress Melissa Bertsch, OJS, Silver Medal (2nd Class) is a faithful and canonical partner of Lord Harmon, who made an important appearance in his barony.

Full Title Edit

Melissa Bertsch, Officer of the Most Noble Order of Jane Seymour, Silver Medal (Second Class) of the Most Eminent Order of Catherine Parr

Canonical Appearance Edit

I08 (Lord Harmon x Lady Harmon & Melissa Bertsch)

Other Appearances Edit

Lord Harmon x Lady Harmon & Melissa Bertsch

Lord Harmon x Lady Harmon & Melissa Bertsch (2)

Distinguishing Data Edit

Category Value
Surname Bertsch
Given Names Melissa Lynn
Nationality American
Date of Birth 24 Aug 1978
Place of Birth Van Nuys, California
Eye Colour Blue
Height 5 feet 6 inches

Other Data Edit

Tattoos Edit



Mistress Melissa in hospital

Illness Edit

Mistress Melissa was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2007, and spent the next ten years suffering greatly from the disease and its complications. The following is from Mistress Melissa's page on, created in November 2016:

Don't let her smile fool you; this girl is in the fight of her life and she is definitely a fighter. Yet she remains as positive and optimistic as she possibly can be given the circumstances. Besides being brainy and quite intelligent, adult internet model/actress Melissa Ashley (or Mel, as her friends call her) is also known by fans for her kind, friendly, outgoing nature. Mel is very spiritual as well, a practicing Buddhist, and is a strong believer in prayer and meditation. She is a big fan and admirer of the Dali Lama.
For some further background, in 2009 Melissa was suddenly stricken with crippling seizures and life threatening heart problems, the treatment of which left her with a pacemaker. She also survived a cancer scare that year as well, having her left ovary surgically removed and receiving a several month cycle of chemotherapy. Her mother died fairly young, so there was good reason to fear for her life with each health crisis, especially when Mel's heart actually stopped beating once before.
As of May 2017, it's unclear whether Mistress Melissa is alive or dead. In recognition of the courage and stoicism Mistress Melissa has displayed throughout her various medical ordeals, His Grace awarded her the title of Officer of the Order of Jane Seymour.

Religion Edit

As above, Mistress Melissa is a practicing Buddhist.

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