Sir Mark
(The famous feet of Sir Mark)

Sir Mark

Fore- and Surnames Mark Net-Video
Rank Baronet
County Kinsey
Principal Wife Lady Net-Video
Other Wives Vice-Mistress Net-Video
Barony Venture
Manor Cleft
Household(s) III19
Children Unknown
Sir Mark is a husbandman of the Barony of Venture.

Full Title Edit

Mark Net-Video, 1st Baronet Net-Video in the Barony of Venture in the County of Kinsey

Other Titles Edit

Vice-Master Net-Video in the Manor of Cleft in the Barony of Venture in the County of Kinsey

Conquests Edit

Wives Edit

No. Wife Appearance
01 Lady Net-Video III19 (Sir Mark w Lady Net-Video)
02 Vice-Mistress Net-Video Sir Mark w Vice-Mistress Net-Video

Concubines Edit

No. Concubine Appearance
03 Jesse Sir Mark w Jesse
04 Alyia Sir Mark w Alyia
05 Gianna Sir Mark w Gianna
06 Danielle Sir Mark w Danielle
07 Daisy Sir Mark w Daisy
08 Amy Sir Mark w Amy
09 Angelica Sir Mark w Angelica
10 Ashley Sir Mark w Ashley
11 Violet Sir Mark w Violet
12 Chloe Sir Mark w Chloe & Maya
13 Maya Sir Mark w Chloe & Maya
14 Annie Sir Mark w Annie
15 Diamond Sir Mark w Diamond
16 Lynn Sir Mark w Lynn
17 Heidi Sir Mark w Heidi
18 Lauren Sir Mark w Lauren
19 Melody Sir Mark w Melody
20 Jade Sir Mark w Jade
21 Sierra Sir Mark w Sierra
Preceded by
New Creation
Baronet Net-Video
T2 - Present
Succeeded by

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