Mariaora Popescu
Fore- and Surnames Mariaora Popescu-Gunn ("Sandra Romain")
Rank Housekeeper
County Kinsey
Partner(s) Lord Gunn
Miss Mariaora Popescu is a faithful concubine of Lord Gunn.

Appearance Edit

Lord Gunn w Gina Giaco-Dawson & Mariaora Popescu

Distinguishing Data Edit

Category Value
Surname Popescu
Given Names Mariaora Cornelia
Nationality Romanian
Date of Birth 26 Mar 1978
Place of Birth Timisoara, Socialist Republic of Romania
Eye Colour Brown
Height 5 feet 3 inches

Other Data Edit

Tattoos Edit


Sister Edit

Miss Mariaora has a sister who is also active in the industry, known as Alice Romain. A scene was filmed in which the two perform together; however, due to legal concerns, it was never released.

Natural Marriage Edit

Miss Mariaora formed a natural marriage with Paul Popescu in 1997.

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