Vice-Mistress Marvin, OJS
Fore- and Surnames Kristiann Barrett-Marvin ("Kayla Marie")
Rank Vice-Mistress
County Kinsey
Husband Vice Marvin
Children Unknown
Vice-Mistress Marvin, OJS is the wife of Vice Marvin. She made an important appearance in the Barony of Harmon.

Full Title Edit

Kristiann Barrett-Marvin, Vice-Mistress Marvin, Officer of the Most Noble Order of Jane Seymour.

Canonical Appearance Edit

I17 (Vice Marvin w Vice-Mistress Marvin)

Other Appearance Edit

Vice Marvin w Vice-Mistress Marvin & Girl

Distinguishing Data Edit

Category Value
Surname Barrett*
Given Names Kristiann
Nationality American
Date of Birth 25 Sep 1984
Place of Birth Los Angeles, California
Eye Colour Blue
Height 5 feet 2 inches

*Other source give "Baker".

Other Data Edit

Tattoos Edit

Pair of butterflies on upper left arm.

Dépucelée Edit

Vice-Mistress Marvin has given contradictory answers to this question. However, since there's good reason to believe that she is a survivor of abuse in her youth, His Grace has decided to forbid any further investigation of the matter, and, as a gesture of sympathy, awarded her the honour of Officer of the Most Noble Order of Jane Seymour.

Natural Marriage Edit

Vice-Mistress formed a natural marriage at a young age; the couple remained together for five years. Later, she attempted to form a second (invalid) marriage with another man. For the purposes of the laws of the United States, both marriages have ceased to exist.

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