Vice-Mistress Mann, MJS
Fore- and Surnames Jessica Collins-Mann ("Brooklyn Chase")
Rank Vice-Mistress
County Kinsey
Husband Vice Mann
Children Vice-Mistress Mann is known to have had at least one child, a son named Braydon.
Vice-Mistress Mann, MJS is the wife of Vice Mann.

Full Title Edit

Jessica Collins-Mann, Vice-Mistress Mann, Member of the Most Noble Order Jane Seymour.

Appearance Edit

Vice Mann w Vice-Mistress Mann

Distinguishing Data Edit

Category Value
Surname Collins*
Given Names Jessica
Nationality American
Date of Birth 14 Mar 1986
Place of Birth San Diego, California
Eye Colour Brown
Height 5 feet 2 inches

*Vice-Mistress Mann has had a number of (mostly invalid) natural marriages, and thus has gone by a number of surnames, including McGovern and Morgan.

Other Data Edit

Tattoos Edit

Wings on her upper back; butterfly on her lower back; green flowers on her lower right abdomen; script on the inside of her left wrist.

Dépucelée Edit

15. Vice-Mistress Mann stated in an interview:

Interviewer: When did you lose your virginity?
Vice-Mistress Mann: 15. I was grounded at the time - I don’t remember what for - and I snuck out my bedroom window because this really hot guy was having a party. He was a year older than me and I wanted to go to his party soooo bad. I thought he was so cute. I had only talked to him twice. So I snuck out and went to this party and he took an interest in me and got me really, really drunk. And he took my virginity in his little sister’s bedroom.
Interviewer: Were you very promiscuous after that?
Vice-Mistress Mann: Yes, which probably seems odd because I was so shy. I had extremely low self-esteem and I felt if I slept with everyone, they might like me! So I was quite promiscuous until I was about 17. I got married really, really young and I started dating the boy who would become my husband. I lost my virginity two weeks after my fifteenth birthday. So at 15 and 16, I was quite promiscuous. I got around.

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