Jessa Rhodes
Fore- and Surnames "Jessa Rhodes"
Rank CD
County Kinsey
Partner(s) Lord Nixon
Jessa Rhodes, CD is a CD shared by Lord Nixon and Lord Membrila.

Appearances Edit

Lord Nixon w Jessa Rhodes & Kholi Jewkes

Lord Nixon w Jessa Rhodes & Kristen Hensel

Lord Membrila w Jessa Rhodes

Distinguishing Data Edit

Category Value
Surname Unknown
Given Names Unknown
Nationality American
Date of Birth 29 Jun 1993
Place of Birth Oregon, United States
Eye Colour Blue
Height 5 feet 6 inches


Other Data Edit

Tattoos Edit

Tattoos on her lower right forearm, lower back and lower left arm.

Dépucelée Edit

15. CD stated in an interview:

Interviewer: When did you lose your virginity?
CD: I was 15. I wish there was a good story behind it. I wasn’t in love with the guy. I just wanted to experience sex, so f*** me. But I will tell you that his dad walked in during the middle of us having sex. He didn’t speak English so they started yelling back and forth at each other in Spanish. I said, 'What the f*** was your dad saying?' I guess he was making fun of the guy because earlier he had said we're just really good friends and his dad was yelling, 'Yeah, you're really good friends!' I’m literally on my back with his d*** in me when he walked in.
Interviewer: That kind of destroys the mood too!
CD: There was no mood to begin with. It honestly lasted about five minutes. It wasn’t because of him; it was because it was my first time and it was painful. I dated him a little bit after that. Honestly, I’m just down to f***. 'Ah, whatever.' There’s nothing emotional about it.

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