Duchy of Paphos
Ducal badge
Motto Every nation has the government it deserves
National Anthem Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts
Lily Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts
Official Language English
Demonym Paphian
Government Absolute monarchy
Duke Thomas
Currency None (Cyprian Shillings and Pounds Sterling are the de facto currencies)
Time Zone GMT
Founded 07 Sex T1
The Duchy of Paphos is a crown dependency of the Kingdom of Cyprus. The purpose the Duchy is to celebrate - and occasionally censure - the erotic achievements of certain notable individuals.

History Edit

The Duchy was created by a treaty with the Kingdom of Cyprus on 07 Sex T1. The Duchy draws inspiration from the ancient cult of Aphrodite, goddess of love and desire, at Paphos.

Government and politics Edit

The Duchy is an absolute monarchy; all legitimate authority flows from the Paphian coronet. Nevertheless, day-to-day government is conducted according to a written, codified constitution, wherein executive, legislative and judicial powers are separated and delegated to the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Committees respectively.

Three bodies exist which are fundamental to the life of the Duchy: the House of Lords, the College of Overseers (or High Priests) and the Academy. His Grace appoints the members of the Committees from these three bodies. The Executive Committee is drawn from the House of Lords and the College of Overseers, the Legislative Committee from the House of Lords and the Academy, and the Judicial Committee from the College of Overseers and the Academy.

Local Government Edit

Where it pertains to local matters, executive power is delegated to local noblemen as follows:


The Ducal Coat of Arms of Paphos

Military Edit

The Duchy has no military as such, the defence of the Duchy being the responsibility of the King of Cyprus. The Ducal Guard is a purely ceremonial force.

Culture Edit

As above, the culture of the Duchy is centred around the celebration of the erotic.

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