Dakota James
Fore- and Surnames "Dakota James"
Rank Housekeeper
County Kinsey
Partner(s) Lord Castle
Miss Dakota James is a faithful concubine of Lord Castle.

Appearance Edit

Lord Castle w Dakota James & Hannah Hartman

Distinguishing Data Edit

Category Value
Surname Unknown
Given Names Unknown
Nationality American
Date of Birth 28 Apr 1994
Place of Birth Alaska, United States
Eye Colour Blue
Height 5 feet 5 inches

Other Data Edit

Tattoos Edit

Sun on her upper left arm: five-pointed star on her upper back.

Dépucelée Edit

14. Miss Dakota stated in an interview:

Interviewer: You are very attractive, I love the blonde hair. In high school, did you date a lot? When did you lose your virginity?
Miss Dakota: I was a pretty social person. I have the type of personality where I’m almost always friends with everyone. I didn’t really date a lot, that wasn’t my scene. I had mostly guy friends. But they were just friends. I lost my virginity at 14.
Interviewer: Is there a good story behind it?
Miss Dakota: I barely knew the guy. He was in my bio class. He sat behind me. We just started flirting and then the first time we hung out outside of school, he took me to this makeout spot. One thing led to another and then all of a sudden, BAM! I lost both my mouth virginity and my real virginity.

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