Courtney Adamez, OAB
Fore- and Surnames Courtney Adamez ("Melissa")
Rank Officer of the Order of Anne Boleyn
County Kinsey
Partner(s) Bf Dabbler

Mistress Courtney Adamez, OAB is a free concubine.

Appearances Edit

Bf Dabbler w Brooke Campbell, OAB & Courtney Adamez, OAB

Bf Dabbler w Courtney Adamez, OAB

Distinguishing Data Edit

Category Value
Surname Adamez
Given Names Courtney Michelle
Nationality American
Date of Birth 10 Jun 1992
Place of Birth Katy, Texas
Eye Colour Brown
Height 5 feet 3 inches

Other Data Edit

Tattoos Edit


Dépucelée Edit

13. (Mistress Courtney says she lost her virginity in 8th Grade, thus, given her birthday, this would almost certainly have occurred before she turned 14.) Mistress Courtney describes the experience in the first few minutes of her first appearance with Bf Dabbler.

Friend Edit

Mistress Courtney appears to have been a close friend of Brooke Campbell, as shown by the photographs below.

Mistress Courtney's mugshot

Arrest Edit

Mistress Courtney was arrested on 11 Apr 2011 for "Public Intoxication". His Grace's Government has not been notified of any conviction, and, to the best of our knowledge, she remains an innocent woman in the eyes of the laws of the United States.

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