Amberly Hash, OAB, MAB
Fore- and Surnames Amberly Hash ("Sara Luv" "Sara Luvv")
Rank Officer of the Order of Anne Boleyn
County Kinsey
Partner(s) Lord Nixon, Lord Castle, Lord Bailey, Sir Daniel, Sir Jake, M/C Logan, J/M Marcello and J/M van Wylde
Mistress Amberly Hash, OAB, MAB is a free concubine, who made an important appearance with Sir Jake in the Barony of Venture.

Full Title Edit

Amberly Hash, Officer and Member of the Most Excellent Order of Anne Boleyn

Canonical Appearance Edit

III44 (Sir Jake w Amberly Hash)

Other Appearances Edit

Lord Nixon w Amberly Hash & Maddison Linsey

Lord Nixon w Abella Danger & Amberly Hash

Lord Castle w Amberly Hash

Lord Bailey w Amberly Hash

Sir Daniel w Giselle Mari & Amberly Hash

Sir Daniel w Amberly Hash & Lauren Scott

Sir Jake w Veronica Radke & Amberly Hash

Sir Jake w Amberly Hash & Chloe Michele

M/C Logan w Amberly Hash, OAB & Miriam Weeks, CD

J/M Marcello w Marketa Stroblova, MAB & Amberly Hash, OAB

J/M van Wylde w Bianca Breeze, CD & Amberly Hash, OAB

J/M Vegas w Amberly Hash, OAB

Guy x Amberly Hash & Chloe Foster


Mistress Amberly before being made up...


...and after

Distinguishing Data Edit

Category Value
Surname Hash
Given Names Amberly Dianne
Nationality American
Date of Birth 05 Mar 1994
Place of Birth California
Eye Colour Brown
Height 5 feet 0 inches

Other Data Edit

Tattoos Edit


Dépucelée Edit

14. She stated in an interview:

I was 14. Is that too young to say in an interview? It was a neighbour boy. My neighbour was dating my sister. And my sister is really crazy. And I hooked up with him. He was 16; that’s not too bad.

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